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Acid Mist Control

Worldwide, AMCA Systems is the exclusive representative of SAME's “Acid Mist Extraction and Abatement System” with clients in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and Chile. This control system captures the Acid Mist and retains the contaminants (Sulfuric Acid among other components) in a scrubber outside the Electrowinning facility, giving the customer the possibility to reuse this product and releasing 98% clean air to the environment.

Control de Neblina Acida


Conceptual, Basic and Detail Engineering, Technical assistance.



Equipment supply and Design. Installation assistance, commissioning and start-up.


Equipment and Spare parts

Equipment for projects:

  • Ventilation module
  • High energy Hoods
  • Air ducts
  • Washing piping (Water)


Design and equipment’s supply. Installation assistance, commissioning and start-up.

Acid Mist Measurement

AMCA Systems measures the Acid Mist concentration (Sulfuric Acid) in work environments, specifically inside Copper Electrowinning tankhouses (EW). The method is based on the NIOSH 7908 measurement method, which is compatible with the ISO 214387-1 international standard.

On-site Monitoring

Based on the above, different monitoring pints are considered inside the EW tankhouse, in such a way that each point provides information on the Acid Mist concentration in the compromised sector.

Medicion de Neblina Acida

Image Gallery of Acid Mist Solutions.

Celda de cobre
Campana Noruega
Distribución de campanas en Nave EW
Distribución de campanas en Nave EW
Traslado Campanas para despachar
 Montaje Modulo de Ventilación
Almacenamiento Campanas minera Escondida
Campanas para traslado Internacional
Modelo de sistema de extracción
Diagrama para la medición de Neblina Ácida
Montaje de Módulos de Ventilación en Minera Spence
Modulos Anglo Platino Sudáfrica
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